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Surgical Masks with Elastics Type II, 3-ply, White

Reference: 707649

Type II surgical masks are a medical device often used to limit the transmission of viruses


Our advantages :
  • Premium quality for easier breathing
  • Flexible steel nose strip for improved comfort and less slippage
  • Reduced fogging on glasses
  • A soft feel on your face

Type II (* BFE≥98%) single-use surgical masks, CE certified (norm EN 14683:2019)

These masks are designed to prevent the projection of the wearer’s upper respiratory secretions. Change the mask every 4 hours.

  • Box of 50 masks, without blister packaging 
  • Box of 50 masks, 10 blister packs of 5 masks
  • Case of 2000 masks, 40 boxes of 50 masks
  • Pallet of 16,000 masks, 8 cases of 2000 masks