Our History

Michelin launched production of surgical masks on its sites to protect its employees during the Covid-19 crisis.

After starting with manual production, the new automated mask production workshop in Clermont-Ferrand has allowed us to produce Type II surgical masks before expanding to Type IIR and FFP2 masks.

Production has also been rolled out on a Michelin site in Brazil to meet the Group’s needs.

Michelin’s masks have been CE certified by the ANSM (the French national drug and healthcare product safety agency) since 2020, proof of both their quality and their compliance.

Michelin has 3 goals for this program:

  • Equipping its employees to keep them safe and healthy, since masks are one of the keys to stopping the spread of the virus;
  • Supporting efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19 by providing masks to the community if supply problems re-emerge;
  • Selling masks to businesses, healthcare providers, and government agencies.

This production launch was made possible by several Michelin assets:

  • Its employees’ willingness to work in mask production units;
  • Its network of suppliers to provide the textiles required;
  • Full control of its system and mastery of the quality requirements involved in this type of production;
  • Its international supply chain.

With this program, Michelin has been able to protect its employees while also answering the French government’s call to bring medical device manufacturing back to France.